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Prof. Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt. 1st January 2010

GUI Management Centre scientific research has finally unlocked the secrets of kingship in the ancient lores of Feng Shui and astrology. Powerful ancient mysteries are being unlocked!

Chou Tun Yi,
Sung Father of Neo-Confucianism", by the waters.
Trying to capture the secrets of the Cosmo.

Like flotsam tossed by ocean waves, there are many who moved from master to master, school to school. They are often disappointed people, finding out that they had learnt only a portion, usually too little after paying so much money. They would be like moths drawn to the flame. They would join those who wonder cynically if there is any substance at all in the diverse schools of Feng Shui and astrology.

In a sense, they were searching desperately for a master the legends tell about, and they want to be the legendary pupil who transmits the sacred lore of the master. Is there such a master? Or, do the Yang Yun Sungs, Lai Bu Yis, Jiang Da Hongs, Chen Xi Yis all possessed reputations which may be fables afterall?

We should look at the caliber of their ancient arts and ask ourselves whether the modern Feng Shui and astrology measure up to the ancient legends. The ancient legends do indicate one fantastic criterion by which you can judge the modern Feng Shui and astrology.

Destinies of whole nations can often be determined by the one person called the king.

The Kingship Key

For, the legends point to a magnificent highly potent Feng Shui and astrology which can identify and determine kingship. The ability of determine kingship is an enchanting hallmark of the lores of the Yang Yun Sungs, Lai Bu Yis, Jiang Da Hongs, Chen Xi Yis. When you examine the legends of other cultures, you will also find that their geomancy arts were regarded as of very high levels, supposed to be able to forecast and create the king. After the king, the astrologer was the next powerful person.

A Feng Shui and astrology worthy of kings! The true master will be able to use Feng Shui and astrology to determine the kingship!

But look at the current Feng Shui and astrology which seem to come nowhere near such a lofty ability. Current Feng Shui and astrology have lost all these ancient kingship secrets and are essentially ordinary. Do they deserve to take as founding masters the Yang Yun Sungs, Lai Bu Yis, Jiang Da Hongs, Chen Xi Yis?

Many thought they possess great "secrets". But if their lores cannot determine the kingship, it means that what they know may compose only a shadow of the original fantastic Feng Shui and astrology.


Yang Yun Sung,
Father of Feng Shui.
Rulers might try to kill masters like Yang Yun Sung for fear they would pass the secrets of kingship to others.

Yang Yun Sung taught the...
three things....
which make the king...

Hunting the Masters who Could Make Kings

During the stirring days of the fall of the Tang dynasty, Yang Yun Sung heard that his student Huang Chao, leader of a powerful army of rebels, was coming to seize Changan, the Tang capital. Yang Yun Sung immediately fled to Jiangsu with his student Lau Kong Yong, taking with him the forbidden text of the planetary tables. The rebel Huang Chao arrived at the capital but could not find his former master. In anger, he burnt down Yang Yun Sung's house. Yang Yun Sung knew his student was trying to kill him, for fear Yang Yun Sung could teach another person the Feng Shui and astrology secrets of kingship.

Yang Yun Sung indicated that his Feng Shui was one capable of creating emperors:

  • "This star, ten thousand miles cannot get one, this Lung not allowed present people to know ... keep it for the royal court to guard the country." Han Lung Jing 41-42.

    Before him, Huang Shih Kung also hinted of a Feng Shui meant to create kings: "The emperor controls the four directions. Control it by facing the direction towards the South." Qing Nang Jing 1:44-45.

Yang Yun Sung specifically wrote in Han Lung Jing that what he was writing were secrets capable of creating an emperor! But how many really understood Han Lung Jing and the other writings of Yang Yun Sung at all? If you cannot see the kingship aspects in the writings of Yang Yun Sung it means you do not really understand Yang Yun Sung!

In like manner, Jiang Da Hong fled when the Mings were defeated by the Manchus. He was afraid that the Manchus would hunt him down. This was because he knew the secrets of kingship. He knew that the Manchus might want to kill him to prevent him applying the secrets to create a contender to the throne.

Founding Ming emperor Hung Wu especially hunted down Feng Shui and astrology masters to kill them. He believed that the Feng Shui of his ancestor's tomb was the key to his success in obtaining the throne. He feared that the masters would show others who could contend for the throne.

Do you think any of the current masters would be hunted down by the emperor? Are their knowledge good enough to make kings?

Generations of Yang Yun Sung's students hid in Jiangsu. The Mings recognised that the lineage of Yang Yun Sung knew the Feng Shui and astrology secrets of kingship. Venerating the ancient memory of Yang Yun Sung, the Mings invited his people to come and help do the Ming tombs. Ill-understood by modern practitioners was that the Mings wanted Yang Yun Sung's people to apply the kingship secrets of Feng Shui and astrology to the Ming tombs complex, in order to ensure the everlasting duration of the Ming dynasty.

However, by this time, the lineage of Yang Yun Sung had encountered corruption with the newer masters deviating from the original doctrines. Hence, whatever they tried to apply at the Ming tombs complex were not powerful enough to make the Ming last beyond their 200 odd years. The newer masters especially rejected Lai Bu Yi's Ren Pan and lost the ability to use astrology to interact with the Feng Shui.


Lai Bu Yi's use of the 28 Lunar Constellations forms an essential part of the secrets of kingship.

Lai Bu Yi is interesting, as he wrote Cui Guan Pian, Inducing Government Positions. Cui Guan Pian is a text with ill-understood secrets explaining how the 28 Lunar Constellations can be used to determine kingship. Lai Bu Yi also hinted that Cui Guan Pian is capable of creating a king and his major ministers:

  • "1. Induce the Government Positions No.1 Tian Huang Lung (Heaven Imperial Lung), peeling Lung changing".
    "7.3 Yangs, the Yang (water ocean) Chao (facing) to enter into Geng, Zhen, become the government officer and spending on the taxes, money of the district and it is efficacious to be the 3 dukes."

There are also the legends that, around the beginning of the Sung dynasty, the reputed creator of Zi Wei Dou Shu, Chen Xi Yi, still understood the secrets of kingship and was able to predict to two men that they would become emperors. The very title "Zi Wei Dou Shu" indicates an astrology of kingship. For, the term "Zi Wei", referring to Polaris the North Pole Star, is a reference to the emperor. Zi Wei Dou Shu was an art meant to determine kingship.

However, if you look at the modern Zi Wei Dou Shu there is hardly anything in it which could be used to predict whether a person can become an emperor. The Zi Wei Dou Shu which has come down to modern times is only a diluted version, a pale version of the original. What secrets had been lost?


Quest for Kingship
Modern Feng Shui and astrology have lost the secrets of kingship.

Insights into the Kingship Secrets

Our research indicates that only an integrated Feng Shui and astrology have the power to confer kingship. By separating Feng Shui from astrology, modern practitioners have lost the ability to make kings and unwittingly adopted only pale versions of the originals. Doubtfully useful for making money here and there, but useless for creating top leaders.

Before launching a project the ancient emperors would call in not just one master, but the many experts from the varied fields of Feng Shui, astrology and magic.

  • 1. The Feng Shui has to determine a Ming Tang with a South facing: "The emperor controls the four directions. Control it by facing the direction towards the South." Qing Nang Jing 1:44-45. 1:44-45.

    2. The ancient Feng Shui texts actually indicate a cardinal need to consult astrology, but modern practitioners do not know how. A good knowledge of the 28 Lunar Constellations is required for this. An astrology like Zi Wei Dou Shu was then used to determine how the government should be formed.

    3. It also requires a good look at the ancient rituals, which are not so innocent as modern people take them.

These three aspects are the basis of the use of the ill-understood "San Pan Guas" to manipulate qi, as aspect so ill understood in Xuan Kong Feng Shui schools.

So, major portions of the kingship secrets are missing in current Feng Shui and astrology. We are re-discovering them through scientific research and a close examination of the ancient texts, especially including the writings of Confucius. These many secrets will be taught to deserving inner students.


We have organised our Feng Shui and astrology research-based scientific courses to be in line with the original lofty aims of determination of kingship and great leadership. Such courses can be very useful for the modern corporate leaders. You want to learn this kingship Feng Shui and astrology?

Do contact us. Be more than the current masters.

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