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Scientific evidence that quantum waves physics forces & energies underly worship, meditation, prayers, faith healing, divination, miracles and also underly geomancy Feng Shui & astrology.

Scientific evidence that all religions take the same road to God.

Unique Course on
Demystifyig Shan Hai Jing

Many tried in vain to understand Shan Hai jing. Finally, exhaustive research unravel the mystery and shows that its "strange fantastic creatures" are natural biological life and artefacts of the indigenous cultures.

Finally Decipered:
Mystery of Shan Hai Jing, Mountain Sea Classic Online Course now available

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D.. 23 November 2019.

A true unique remarkable statistics based highly scholarly decoding of Shan Hai Jing and its practical applicable meanings! If there is one ancient text besides King Wen I Ching many scholars would like to understand, it is the Shan Hai Jing.
Millennia old secrets finally broken!

In 2019, our scientifici research at GUI Management Centre has broken the code for King Wen I Ching and also cracked the secrets of Shan Hai Jing.

Our scientific oriented research center, GUI Management Centre, has successfully broken the code of the hexagrams of the 1126 BC King Wen I Ching (see & Continuing the research approach into the ancient Chinese texts, and using similar analytical techniques, we have also deciphered the mystery of the circa 3rd millennium BC Shan Hai Jing (Classic of Mountains and Seas).

Both the King Wen I Ching and Shan Hai Jing had resisted attempts to unravel them, as the analysts lacked adequate knowledge of ancient history, physical geography and also natural biology.

  • My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6

    The Chinese classic Shan Hai Jing, attributed to 3rd millennium BC, is a mystery, being regarded variously as a semi-geography text, a shaman text or pure nonsense. While some have tried to show that Shan Hai Jing makes sense, understanding is severely handicapped by lack of knowledge of physical geography, natural biology and ancient indigenous cultures, especially of the Americas.

    Likewise, it is the lack of understanding of events occurring during the fall of the Shang dynasty which prevented so many from deciphering the code for the hexagrams of King Wen I Ching. The author has successfully broken the code of King Wen I Ching, showing statistically that the flow of the 32 pairs of hexagrams in King Wen I Ching correlates to the flow of events occurring during the fall of the Shang dynasty. The flow of the 32 pairs of hexagrams can also be statistically correlated to the sequence of the seasons. The King Wen I Ching is the most systematic potent strategy manual, presenting the ill-recognised principle that seasonal parameters are the most influential regulator of successful strategies!

It had been much easier to decipher Shan Hai Jing than King Wen I Ching!

What is unusual and enigmatic is that our analysis shows

  • [1] that the Shan Jing division of Shan Hai Jing has an astronomical statistical correlation to King Wen I Ching of at least 1 in 67 millions.
  • [2] Continual applications of the technique of statistical comparison also show that the Hai Jing division of Shan Hai Jing describes in a flow, from Chapter 6 to 18, the physical geography of Alaska through California and Mexico to the South America regions of Peru, Chile and Patagonia!


Shan Hai Jing 8:3 has described "Zhu Long" as a 300 miles light thing. This is obviously the northern aurora seen in the Alaska region. "Zhu Long" is again mentioned in Shan Hai Jing 17:32, referring to the southern aurora seen in the Pantogonia region. "Hairy people" is noted in Shan Hai Jing 9:14 and also 17:12. These refer to the Eskimos and Pantogonia natives wearing seal fur clothes. So, some of the phenomena seen in the north pole region were also seen in the south pole region.

What is unusual is the references to "giants" in Shan Hai Jing 9:9 and also 14:4 and 17:4. Giants remnants have been recently found in Alaska, while the Navajos Indians claim that in ancient times giants roamed the Nevada region. When Magellan sailed around the Cape of Pantogonia he met giants.

Shan Hai Jing 16:11 describes the "drifting sand coast", a reference to the long coastal desert of Peru and Chile.

If one is familiar with the ancient cultures of the indigenous people of the Americas, one would have been able to decipher the "fabulous creatures" mentioned in Shan Hai Jing. Shamans wore animal headdresses and clothes. The multiple headed things were totem carvings of the indigenous Indian people. Nothing fantastic but artefacts of the local American indigenous people!

Yes, many were right that Shan Hai Jing is a kind of travel guide.

The above findings have implications on the Korean Mappemonde world map which tried to recapture the layout of the ancient world. Several errors transmitted down the ages need to be corrected, especially deciphering the nature of the "ring continent" around the much more familiar Europe-Asia-Africa.

Ill-Recognised Naturtal Biology

A remarkable narration is seen in Chapter 6. This Chapter has described people with "perforated chests". Either they had been conventionally depicted as kangaroos with their pouches or sheer nonsensical beings with a hole in the chest. Yet, this is actually the medical syndrome of pectus excavatum, sunken chest. Chapter 6 also described "long arms" people and people with "protruded chests". "Long arm" is the Marfan syndrome, while "protruded chests" is pectus carinatum. What is remarkable is that Marfan syndrome is often associated with pectus excavatim and pectus carinatum! That is, Shan Hai Jing 6 describes pertinently a medical associations of syndromes. Shan Hai Jing is faithful in its biological and even medical descriptions!

So, quite a number of creatures described are not fantastic but known natural biological life still found in the world.

Shan Hai Jing refers many times to horses. It has been thus claimed that Shan Hai Jing could not refer to the Americas because horses were supposed to be introduced into the Americas by the Spanishs. However, archaeology digs finally show that there were horses in the Americas long before Columbus. The study of these horse remains also indicates that the Americas were the original homeland of horses. Horses migrated from the Americas to Europe and Asia. The American horses died out, and were later re-introduced into America.


The Real Objective of Shan Hai Jing

The most enigmatic party of Shan Hai Jing is that almost every Chapter of Shan Hai Jing describes worship rituals, along with their geomancy requirements. This supports the contention of those who say that Shan Hai Jing is a shaman text. If one is clever enough, one would be able to see where Shan Hai Jing refers to the ancient sacred sites of the Bohemian Groove and Macchu Pichu.

Shan Hai Jing describes potent black and white magic used in the far distant ancient times. Confucius had regarded Shan Hai Jing as something dark which he could not teach his students. Confucius seemed not to understand the white magic Shan Hai Jing described which could overcome the black magic.

Ancient knowledge is always impregnated with spiritual imaginary. The ancients had always regarded that spiritual imaginary has significant interactions with the common physical biological realm. The Shan Jing divisions of Shan Hai Jing notes several ailments and describes general cures and remedies. The Shan Jing division has profound esoteric elements.

Finally, Shan Hai Jing throws profound light on the enigmatic location of the ancient Xia dynasty, which preceded the Shang dynasty.

Shan Hai Jing is demystified! It requires good knowledge of physical geography, natural biology and ancient indigenous cultures, especially of the Americas.

There are many who tried to penetrate the secrets of King Wen I Ching and Shan Hai Jing. We have prepared special comprehensive courses to exhaustively unveiled them. If interested, please contact us.

Dr Ong Hean Tatt. about 500p. richly illustrated

Statistical comparative analysis of what Shan Hai Jing is about.


course manual, not for sale
complimentary distribution in course

The breakthrough unveiling of Shan Hai Jing will be delivered through the following comprehensive 4 days course schedule:

Online course in 12 Lessons now available. US3,500 pax.

  • Part 1: Introductory

    The course will begin with drawing attention to the enigmatic tradition that Confucius regarded Shan Hai Jing as a dark document which he refused to teach his students. But, eventually it was discovered hidden within the walls of Confucius' old house. Why did not Confucius destroy that text in the first place?
    Discussion will delve into the historical background of the text and its purported purposes.

  • Part 2: Deciphering of Major Puzzles

    Commentators down the ages had been unable to decipher Shan Hai Jing, as they were often bewildered by the strange fantastic "creatures" in Shan Hai Jing. Some even believed that the strange fantastic figures exist only along the spiritual realm.

    These strange fantastic creatures of Shan Hai Jing will be deciphered through these categories:

    • a. Monstrous Animals
      b. Strange human beings
      c. True geomancy significance of the physical geography described in Shan Hai Jing

    It will be shown that there are nothing fantastic about the strange "creatures" in Shan Hai Jing. Misunderstanding has been due to lack of knowledge of natural biology and the ancient cultures of the American indigenous people.

  • Part 3: Annotated Text of Shan Hai Jing

    Highlights of the text of Shan Hai Jing will be discussed in these main divisions:

    • a Shan Jing (Chapters 1 to 5)
      b Hai Jing (Chapters 6 to 18)
      c. Statistical Evidence of the correspondence between Shan Jing and King Wen I Ching
      d. Statistical Evidence that Hai Jing is about the Americas

    Part 4: The Ancient Worship System

    The course will finally present the true objective of Shan Hai Jing, which is to present the great geomancy based ancestor worship of God system. There will be discussions on the significance of the wu shamans frequently alluded to in Shan Hai Jing.

    Answers will be given to Confucius' Dilemma. For there will be discussions of the black magic and human sacrifices described in Shan Hai Jing and the white magic counters.

    Option. There will be discussions about the legendary leaders in Shan Hai Jing and their implications about the riddle of the true location of the Xia Dynasty

Particiapte in this unique breakthrough systematic course!

A over 500 pages course manual has been prepared which contains the whole Mandarin text of Shan Hai Jing and English translations, along with the traditional 76 Plates of illustrations.

It is a unique course which finally demystifies the enigmatic text of Shan Hai Jing.

Course fees: US$3,500 pax
Contact: email to

Adequate knowledge of natural biology, physical geography and ancient cultures is necessary to understand Shan Hai Jing


Enrol in advance courses which include astonishing scientific and statistical evidence for Feng Shui and astrology! Current Feng Shui and astrology are essentially unscientific and out of date!

Dr Ong Hean Tatt. about 330p. richly illustrated

Startling scientific quantum waves physics evidence and proofs of the immortal electronic Soul in Man. The ancient legends are true!


DNA PHOTON MATRIX: Finally Science Found God!
Please inquire to make electronic payments

Fantastic findings from GUI Management Centre scientific research. The ancient cultures are right! The old mother tales are true after all! Learn and apply the amazing scientific basis of Meditation, Prayers, Feng Shui, Astrology.

At last, a most highly scientific analytical vindication of the esoteric concepts of ancient cultures and religions. Amazing quantum physics research findings that living things are based on Photon Matrixes:

Man, animals, plants and even inanimate objects form a massive interconnected Photon network. This is a very advance metaphysics understanding of how esoteric events occurred. This Photon network is the basis of prayers, faith healing, miracles, supernatural events and also geomancy Feng Shui and astrology.

Astounding scientific evidence that though Man has DNA, Man is based on an immortal Photon Matrix!

Dr Ong Hean Tatt. about 410p. richly illustrated

A most intensive and highly scientific analysis of the Seal of Solomon, the world most powerful talisman. There are different layers of applications of the powers of the Seal of Solomon.

The ancient Chinese culture classifies the "hsih" scholar as higher than the "wu" magician. "Wu", the shaman priest, was occupied with performing rituals and magic. "Hsih" was the scholar. The emperor would not deal with the "wu" but the "hsih". Han emperor Ming Huang's powerful feared shaman-priest could curse to death anyone. But Tung the scholar minister laughed at the "wu". In the ensuing spiritual battle, the "wu" was killed by Tung reciting the I Jing at the southern part of the imperial hall.

People do not realise that these "wu" shaman priests use energies trapped outside the Stargates to Heaven. But the "hsih", knowing the right rituals, would be able to tap divine energies from Heaven to defeat the "wu".

Can you see the roles of the sacred texts, auspicious Feng Shui and timing in invoking the divine powers of Heaven? That is what the Seal of Solomon is about!

Please enquire to make electronic payments

The Seal of Solomon is the "Kalachakra Mandala" key to every ancient culture and religion! It is the highest metaphysics.

The most indepth most wide highly scientific analysis of the Seal of Solomon, far beyond conventional Kaballah traditions. The most amazing ever inspired unveiling of the real esoteric secrets of the ancient cultures, lore and religions!

Follow up of research into Photon Matrix of "DNA PHOTON MATRIX: Finally Science Found God!".

Astonishing statistical proof of one in a million million chance that all religions are the same and have the same destinations and guidelines about reaching the destinations. From the amazing discovery of the presence of Seal of Solomon features in at least 40 important motifs in the ancient cultures (List see right)

Eye Opening Philosophical Findings:

  • Affirming the immensely comforting finding that you have an Immortal Soul which cannot go to Hell!
  • Since all religions are the same, you need not worry about your beloved ones who may have different faiths. You and your beloved are going to end up in Paradise!
  • Answers to question: "Why are we here?"
  • Ultimate doctrines of "Awakening" and "Transforming Renewal"

Science of Uses of Different Layers of Powers of Talisman of Seal of Solomon

  • Quantum waves mechanics science of operation of Seal of Solomon
  • The Photon Matrix "Floating Memory"
  • Evidence and Tapping of Powers of Stargates along Milky Way
  • Startling scientific evidence that powers of prayers, rituals and Talisman of Seal of Solomon are linked to a Photon Matrix channel embedded into the Milky Way.
  • Key Roles of Feng Shui and astrology in powers of Seal of Solomon

Everything in ancient cultures and religions must be scientific! Otherwise, they are just hearsay. Have a truly scientific understanding of the mysteries of ancient cultures and religions. Pave the way to utilise the real powers of the ancient cultures and religions. Find out why geomancy Feng Shui and astrology underlie the highest powers of the Seal of Solomon and of prayers and rituals!

11 Major Aspects of Seal of Solomon used in comparison with at least 40 motifs of ancient culture as below:

Funerary Motifs: Bardol Thodol Tibetan Book of Dead - AD 800, Egyptian Book of Dead (2) - 1500 BC, Korean Tomb Cover - AD 408, Ming Tombs Complex Beijing - AD 1400, Chinese Funeral - 1265 BC
Worship Motifs: *Mayan Temple - 2000 BC, Moses Tabernacle of God - 1485 BC, Tushita Heaven - 600 BC, Kaaba, Mecca - 2000 BC, Psalm 23 - 1000 BC, Psalm 16 - 1000 BC, Biblical Jacob's Ladder - 1759 BC, Hindu Gopuram Entrance Tower AD 1300
Sacred Motifs: Freemason Jacob's Ladder - unknown date, Sumerian - 5000 BC, Hindu Churning of Ocean - 2000 BC, Norse Yddrasil Tree pre-Christian, Australian Aborigine Rainbow Serpent - 4000 BC, Tukano Ayahuasca - 2000-1500 BC, Mohenjo Daro Seal - 2600-1900 BC, Hopi Indian Sacred Motif - AD 1200
Meditation Divination Motifs: Tarot AD 1370, Chakra - 800-500 BC, Kabbalah Sephirot Tree of Life - 1300 BC, Mayan Inter-Dimensional Map - disputable date, Daoist Neijing Tu - AD 1000, Revelation - AD100, Proverbs 30, 31 - before 960 BC, White Thunder magic - 2000 BC, Chu Dance Poem - 500 BC, Voodoo Talisman - unknown date
Stars Sky Motifs: Astronomy Star Map - modern, Mayan Star Map - 2000 BC, Hey Diddle Diddle Star Map - AD 1569, Pawnee Star Map - unknown date, Nebras Sky Disc - 1600 BC, Revelation-Ezekiel Correspondence - 700 BC

Dr Ong Hean Tatt . >500 A4p

the most advance science based meditation

most advance meditation based on ancient sacred texts, historical testimony and scientific research, with millennia old secrets unveiled!

Limited distribution at present, as book prepared for 7 days course
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complete, analytical, science based, delightful practical applications

Potent practical meditation based on Buddha's 49 Days Meditation under the Bodhi Tree & Jesus' 40 days in the Wilderness!
Author shares over 40 years successful experience in two meditation types


  • Peace of Mind, Physical Health,
  • Mental Performance, Career and Business Success,
  • Psychic Powers, Healing, Communion with God


Highly scientific, very comprehensive analytical review of meditation.
Religion based, examination of ancient sacred scriptures, historical testimony.
Scientific statistical analysis, medical findings of brain & hormones changes.
Lower meditation involves auto-hypnosis and autosuggestion

Unique Secrets: Correct chanting of Power Hymns to pass through "Veil". Creation of "Power Energy Ball". Milky Way as physical flow channel of Purusha-God's energies. Statistical proof that Gayatri mantra, Heart Sutra and Psalm 146 are the same power hymn! Hidden "OM" Secret. Etc.

Over 500 pages A4 information rich reference manual. In-depth, equivalent to university degree course

The Milky Way.

The ancient cultures have a mystifying teaching which is that the Milky Way has a Photon Matrix platform whch is the physical channel of cosmic divine forces from God.
Ingredients of the highest meditation have to successfully call on centers in the Milky Way and to break through an actual physical barrier known as the "Veil" or "Bridge of Separation".

Outline of Book (provisional):

Chapter 1: A Science Bsed Meditation. Lower Prana Meditation
Chapter 2: Differences between Prana and Atma
Chapter 3: Cultivation of Two Levels of Prana
Meditation Method 1: Lower Prana "Pranamayakosha"
Meditation Method 2: A Typical Yoga Meditation

Higher or Power Prana Meditation
Chapter 4 Chakra Meditation
Meditation Method 3: Steps in Chakra Meditation
Meditation Method 4: Mandala Meditation
Meditation Method 5: Mantra Meditation
Singing Bowl Meditation
Chapter 5 Supernatural Powers Meditation
Meditation Method 6: Supernatural Powers Meditation
Chapter 6 Shaman Meditation: The Ayahuasca Phenomenon
Meditation Method 7: Shamanic Journey Meditation
Meditation Method 8: Dream Meditation

Scientific Evidence and Basis of Meditation
Chapter 7 Scientific Basis of Meditation
and Demystification of Kundalini
Chapter 8 Comparison of Hormones Changes during Meditation and Sexual Activity
Chapter 9 Dimethyltryptamine: The Dream Factor
Chapter 10 Truth about "Alien Abductions"
Chapter 11 Physical Factors Affecting Effectiveness of Meditation

Highest Prana Meditation: Mystery of "Open Heaven" Veil
Chapter 12 The Gayatri Mantra Distractions
Chapter 13 Meditation Method 9: Gayatri Mantra
Meditation Method 9: Gayatri Mantra
Chapter 14 Divine Veil and Open Heaven
Chapter 15 Secrets of Meditation of Armour of God Meditation Method 10 The Armour of God Meditation
Chapter 16 Myths, Confusions, Misconceptions and Dangers
Chapter 17 "Sunyata Emptiness": 3. Quantum Waves Physics

Highest Meditation: Atma Meditation
Chapter 18 Analysis of Buddhist Vipassana Meditation
Meditation Method 11: Example of Contemplation Meditation - the real Vipassana p22
Chapter 19 Cultivation of the Divine Atma Shakti Meditation Method 12: Atma Meditation as Beyond Kundalini
Chapter 20 Meditative Insights into Purusha, the Cosmic Being
Chapter 21 Reentering Purusha the Cosmic Being

Appendix 1 Photon Matrix in Man: Finally Science Found God
Appendix 2 The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Dr Ong Hean Tatt and Cheng Siew Thong. 390 A4p

the most advance science based analysis

most advance research analysis of sacred Buddhist texts,
with millennia old secrets unveiled!


Limited distribution at present
Please enquire
complete, analytical, science based, delightful practical applications

A prayerful meditation revelation from the Lord Buddha exposition, using the technique of "Lectio divinia". Om Mani Padme Hum.

Unique startling research discovery that the Diamond Sutra summarises the thoughts of the Lord Buddha during his 49 days meditation under the Bodhi Tree. Another discovery is that the Milky Way lore features significantly in a number of passages in the Diamond Sutra

A most advance systematic comprehensive Section by Section science-based analytical commentary of the sacred Buddhist text Diamond Sutra (Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra). Identification of objectives of each Section and the relevant practical applications as intended by the Lord Buddha, making this the most practical ever commentary of the Diamond Sutra.

The Lord Buddha gave a systematic three parts sequential presentation of the how of Enlightenment meant for applications to everyday life.

  • Part 1: Individual development
  • Part 2: "Buddha Shrine" concept for Group development
  • Part 3: Internalisation of Truth, alias the Eternal Renewal:

The central themes are the "Duality" of "Emptiness" to the Five Senses and Reality development of the "Dharmakaya Body".

Three Chapters clearing up the confusing issue of "Sunyata" Emptiness with special insights from quantum waves physics. Almost all difficulties in understanding the Diamond Sutra are due to syntax and non-contextual errors in reading and this exegesis clears them up.

Breakthrough research findings of critical significance of the ancient Milky Way lore in the meanings of the Diamond Sutra. These provide answers why it is said that when Buddha saw the "Morning Star" he gained Enlightenment. The Milky Way lore also throws insights on the enigma of the Rajah of Kalinga and Dipankara Buddha. Those references to the galaxies, Mount Sumeru, Ganges are allusions to the auspicious significance of the Milky Way.

The Diamond Sutra has a number of geomancy Feng Shui astrology secrets.

All philosophies are useless if they cannot foster happiness. Learn the practical "Beautific Vision Meditation" Buddha wants you to apply. 32 Sections, 32 Practical Applications!

The Milky Way.
The ancient metaphysics and cosmological lore of the Milky Way feature prominently in the Diamond Sutra, and the Lotus Sutra. The ancient cultures were fascinated with that. after death, the Soul would take an Afterlife journey along the "River of Heaven", the Milky Way. In the Diamond Sutra, Buddha often referred to this Afterlife journey along the Milky Way. The "Vajra" refers to the movements of the king planet Jupiter, especially its "Morning Star" position at the Cosmic Cross, which triggered off Buddha's Enlightenment.

Outline of Book:

Criteria for Understanding Diamond Sutra
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
Chapter 2 Dialectic Difficulties 15
Chapter 3 "Sunyata Emptiness": Enigma of "Self" 25
Chapter 4 "Sunyata Emptiness": Photon Matrix of "Body of Light" 45
Chapter 5 "Sunyata Emptiness": Quantum Waves Physics 63

Diamond Sutra: Text and "Beautific Vision" Commentary
Chapter 6 Translation in English and Commentary in Three Parts. Section I to Section V 83
Chapter 7 Section VI to Section XI 111
Chapter 8 Section XII to Section XVI 143
Chapter 9 Section XVII to Section XXI 161
Chapter 10 Section XXII to Section XXVII 181
Chapter 11 Section XXVIII to Section XXXII 197
Chapter 12 The Enlightenment Poem 209

Practical Applications of a Beautific Vision
Chapter 13 It is a Beautific Vision 221
Chapter 14 The Beautific Vision Continues 241

Advance Esoteric Secrets of Diamond Sutra
Chapter 15 Secrets of Akasha Ganga 249
Chapter 16 Ladder to Paradise 259
Chapter 17 Seal of Solomon Aspects: Statistical Proof that All Religions are the Same! 277
Chapter 18 Seal of Solomon Aspects in Diamond Sutra 295
Chapter 19 Vajra "Cosmic Cross" Secret in Rajah of Kalinga Incident 311
Chapter 20 The Enlightenment Experience 327
Chapter 21 Temple Geomancy Feng Shui and Astrology 333

Chapter 22 Epilogue: Roadmap Call to Eternal Happiness 353

Appendix I Dharmacakkappavatana

Dr Ong Hean Tatt Ph.D. .... A4p

the most advance science based analysis

most advance research analysis of sacred Buddhist texts,
with millennia old secrets unveiled!


Second revision in progress. Target date of compilation: mid 2018
Please enquire
complete, analytical, science based, delightful practical applications

A prayerful meditation revelation from the Lord Buddha exposition, using the technique of "Lectio divinia". . Om Mani Padme Hum.

If the Diamond Sutra is associated with the "Vajra", the Lotus Sutra is associated with the lotus-like "Kalachakra Mandala".

A most advance systematic comprehensive Chapter by Chapter science-based analytical commentary of the sacred Buddhist text Lotus Sutra (Saddharma Pundarika Sutra). Identification of objectives of each Chapter and the relevant practical applications as intended by the Lord Buddha, making this the most revealing and practical ever commentary of the Lotus Sutra.

Like for the Diamond Sutra, the Lotus Sutra has a systematic three parts sequential presentation by Buddha of the how of Enlightenment meant for applications to everyday life.

  • Part 1: Individual development
  • Part 2: "Buddha Stupa" concept for Group development
  • Part 3: Kalachakra Internalisation of Truth, alias the Eternal Renewal

The Lotus Sutra was compiled to address the pivotal mission of teaching the Dharma after the death of Buddha. It especially deals with the applications of the potent secrets of the Kalachakra Mandala.

Almost all difficulties and confusions in understanding the Lotus Sutra, like in the Diamond Sutra, are due to syntax and non-contextual errors in reading and this exegesis clears them up. Understanding of certain important ancient lore will also facilitate cracking of the secrets of the Lotus Sutra.

Breakthrough research findings of critical significant meanings of parts of the Lotus Sutra. The Lotus Sutra describes the Tushita Heaven motif and also describes the "Dance of the North Pole Star", known in Daoism as the "White Thunder Magic". Learn why Buddha left them in the Lotus Sutra - they were designed to stop Mara.

All philosophies are useless if they cannot foster happiness. Learn the practical "Beautific Vision Meditation" Buddha wants you to apply. 28 Chapters, 28 Practical Applications!

most advance research analysis of sacred Buddhist texts,
with millennia old secrets unveiled!


Compilation in progress. Target date of compilation: 2018
Please enquire
complete, analytical, science based, delightful practical applications

Current commnetaries are mostly in errors
Current commentaries on the Heart Sutra are often confusing and fanciful. Research is ongoing on the several errors whch lead to misinterpretations of the meanings of the Heart Sutra.

The wordings in the Heart Sutra need to be corrected in comparison with the Pali text of Samyukta Agama Sutta. Linguistic studies also reveal that Nagarjuna falsified the text of the Heart Sutra.through changing the original phrase in the text of "an-atma" (Pali "an-atta") to "an" to support his "Emptiness" theory. "Atma" or "atta" means "inherent existence" and also "inherent understanding".

The phrase "an" often translated as "no" should be "an atma" or "an-atta" which means "lack of understanding". Such a coirrection will change the meaning and restore the correct meaning of the middle part of Heart Sutra. Then, the Heart Sutra will become a Theravadin text!

  • Emptiness with respect to Selfishness has practical significance. But Emptiness with respect to phenomenal existence is only useless semantic sophistry.

This research is providing a new fresh interpretation of the Heart Sutra. The authors' ongoing research into the Diamond Sutra and Lotus Sutra also provide insights into what the Heart Sutra means.

The Kalachakra Mandala.

The ancient metaphysics and cosmological lore of the Kalachakra Mandala feature prominently in the Lotus Sutra. The ill-understood fantastic imaginary in the Lotus Sutra are connected to the Kalachakra Mandala. The Kalachakra Mandala is, at first level, a description of Nirvana and the ill-understood "Purusha" the "Cosmic Being". The Lotus Sutra outlines how the Kalachakra Mandala can be applied to tap the divine powers of "Purusha" the "Cosmic Being".

Dr Ong Hean Tatt. 301p

the talisman of talismans

Millennia old secrets unveiled!
Please enquire to make electronic payments

This book is listed here, as the Seal of Solomon (see above) also has "72 Spirits", indicating kinship with the all powerful Daoist "72 Talismans of Tai Shang Lao Jun".

Insights into the highest metaphysics with its enigmatic supreme divine 36-72-108 numerology, which has ill-understood significant roles in astrology and Feng Shui.

The most advance scientific research into talismans, with evaluation of 72 Talismans of Tai Shang Lao Jun, the highest powerful talisman coming from the Supreme God. A most in-depth research into the enigmatic 72 Talismans of Tai Shang Lao Jun and its intimate links with the Hebrew Kabbalah 72 Names of God. A research scientific statistical proof that the 72 Talismans of Tai Shang Lao Jun and the Hebrew Kabbalah 72 Names of God are the same talisman!

Other topics include:

  • Discussions of the talismans, their nature, origins and applications. Originally, talismans were never written but composed of singing and meditation!

    72 Buddhas of Borobudur Temple, Indonesia
    72 Dragons of Luopan, the Feng Shui compass
    72 divisions Time chart of Qi Men Dun Jia
    36 Decans system

    The 36-72-108 sacred numerology
    Secrets of 36-72-108 sacred numerology in novel of "Journey to the West", the legend of Monkey God and his 72 Transformations

    Implications from ancient texts of Huangdi Yinfu Jing and "Most High Dongyuan Scripture of Divine Spells"
    The neidan and waidan approaches to use of talismans

Insights into the workings of the 72 Talismans of Tai Shang Lao Jun and Hebrew Kabbalah 72 Names of God which originally involved an integration of rituals with astrology and Feng Shui.

Yantra mandala, with numbers 4, 8, 16.

Ancient metaphysicians like Lu Dongbin meditated not only on the Oneness with the Divine but also the connection to the sacred 36-72-108 numerology.

These are secrets lost for millennia, the high knowledge of these metaphysicians included advance applications in astrology and Feng Shui!

An endearing culture, an enduring culture. Cherish your culture!

GUI MANAGEMENT CENTRE COURSES: Learn research oriented scientific Feng Shui and astrology. It is no longer a mystery what scientifically are qi and sha. Find out that ancient masters astonishingly knew of scientific nature of Yin Yang and 8 trigrams. Differences in landform affect which radiation energy is prevalent. Courses are backed by scientific research into ancient Mandarin Feng Shui texts like Green Satchels & Yang Yun Sun's texts like Han Lung Jing, Yi Lung Jing, Tian Yu Jing.

COURSES & ARTICLES on original scientific Feng Shui & astrology

GUI offers advance information rich courses backed by scientific, geography and astronomy research with reference to ancient Feng Shui texts. These fantastic Master courses are comprehensive and practical enough for you to do Feng Shui audits.

ebooks now available, for reading and printing


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