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Scientific evidence that quantum waves physics forces & energies underly worship, meditation, prayers, faith healing, divination, miracles and also underly geomancy Feng Shui & astrology.

Scientific evidence that all religions take the same road to God.

Figure 1. DNA
DNA evidence shows kinship between American and Asian natives DNA. The DNA evdience also shows that Sumerian people originated from south Siberia. There is a migration of DNA from the Americas into Asia and then Middle East!

Shan Hai Jing Unveiled and the Secrets of the Xia Dynasty.
Part 6: Trial of Pyramids from Mesoamerica to Siberia and Egypt

Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D. 10th January 2020.

A true unique remarkable statistics based highly scholarly deciphering of Shan Hai Jing and its practical applicable meanings!
Millennia old secrets finally broken!

Mystery of Diffusions Americas and Asia

The research into the Shan Hai Jing reveals significant diffusions of cultural beliefs and motifs between the Americas and Asia, particularly ancient China and India: >P>

  • The discussions in this series of articles on the significance of the Shan Hai Jing, circa 3rd millennium text, present statistical evidence that Shan Hai Jing is about the Americas

    and that the lost locations of the Chinese legendary Xia dynasty and early Shang were in the Americas.

    The discussions also show that the Hindu god Shiva was the same deity as the Aztec Huit-zilo-poch-tli, whom Shan Hai Jing calls the "Lord of the Wind" (Rudra).

    It was also determined that the Shan Hai Jing referred to the Hindu legend of the "Churning of the Ocean", which also features in the American Indians legends. These indicate that the cujltures of American Indians migrated into Siberia and then gave rise to cultures of both Hindu Indians and ancient Chinese. This can be further supported by examination of other scientific evidence discussed here.

    The DNA Trial

    Scientists have known that the American Indians and East Asians have similar DNA. It has been speculated that there was a migration of Siberian Asians into the Americas. Look at Figure 1, which mapped the potential migration of DNA between Siberia and the Americas.

    Figure 1. Diffusions of DNA vis the Americas and Asia
    Catherine Brahic. 12 February 2014. By Ancestry of first Americans revealed by a boy's genome.

    As one progresses from Alaska south to Central America and southern part of South America, indigenous cultures were older.

    • Early Americans known as the Clovis people left a trail of elegant, fluted arrowheads at campsites far and wide, beginning about 11,200 years ago… archeologists have found the first Clovis-style stone projectile point outside the New World, in Siberia. …the spear point was ''an interesting find'' that defied easy interpretation. He said the dating appeared to be firm, which meant the Siberian fluted point was nearly 2,000 years younger than New World specimens. (John Noble Wilford. Aug. 2, 1996. 'American' Arrowhead Found in Siberia.

    It has not been recognised that the American cultures were often older than those in Siberia. While migrations might occur from Siberia into the Americas, the evidence is that the main migration was that from the Americas into Siberia!

    The Sumerian civilisation emerged around 3000 BC, From Sumeria races migrated into the Middle East and east. The Indus Valley civilisation emerged around 1700 BC and ancient Chinese civilisation around 1400 BC. The ancient Chinese and Hindu roots were from Sumeria. Pertinent to the discussion on the mystery of the diffusions, there are scientific evidence of the origins of the ancient Sumerian people from Siberia:

    • When I wrote "The Origin of Sumerians" in November 2012 ( Gunduz, 2012), I mentioned in the introduction that Dr. Anatole A. Klyosov had published many solid fundamental bio-geographic studies one after another (Klyosov, 2012) that are destined to be guiding foundations for further revelations regarding our common ancient human history. Those familiar with biogeography are likely aware of the significance of the findings and origin of the Y-haplogroup R1b mutation that arose 16,000 years ago. He called the offspring of the ancestors who originated this mutation as the Arbins bearers of R1b. The R1b Haplogroup is presumed to originate in south Siberia/Central Asia. There were approximately 8000 - 10,000 years of migration, shuffling and regrouping since the original mutation of the R1b haplogroup of "Arbins" and their subclades. The Sumerians obviously belonged to the R1b haplogroup (Metin Gündüz. 2017. The Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Language Was Created by Sumerian Turks.

    The Sumerians themselves originated from southern Siberia! This indicates that if the diffusion was from the Americas into Asian China and India, the diffusion had first got to go through Siberia. There was an initial diffusion or migration of the Xia and early Shang races from the Americas into south Siberia and then into the Middle East, before the diffusion continued into India and China.

"Scholars" used to laugh at Shan Hai Jing for mentioning horses in the Americas. Eventually, archaeology digs show that the horses were first found in the Americas, before migrating into Asia and Europe! The horse died out in Americas and were eventually re-introduced by the Spanish.


The Horse Trial

Shan Hai Jing refers many times to horses. Distracters asked how can that be when horses were supposed to be in the Americas only when the Spanish came. Archeological digs eventually found that horses were found earliest in the Americas! The ancient horses then migrated to Asia and Europe. The ancient horses in the Americas somewhat died out, to be reintroduced when the Spanish came to America.

Bones of animals like pigs and digs were found in China before and after 1400 BC. But bones of horses were found in ancient China only after 1400 BC. That is, the ancient horses migrated from the Americas into northern Asia and then Europe. From the Middle East the horses came into ancient China around 1400 BC.

  • Chariots first came into use from the mid-13th century BCE and were probably introduced from Central Asia. According to Chinese legend, in contrast, they were invented closer to home by the Yellow Emperor or one of his ministers Hsi Chung. (Mark Cartwright. 13 July 2017. Chariots in Ancient Chinese Warfare.

    This extinction event saw the demise of the horse in North America. It survived only because the Bering land bridge that once connected Alaska and Siberia had enabled animals to cross into Asia and spread west…
    Scientists believe Equus crossed the Bering land bridge around the beginning of the epoch. Some made it as far as Africa to evolve into the zebras we know today. Others moved across Asia, the Middle East and northern Africa, evolving into the onagers and wild asses of today, both well suited to desert environments. Still others spread across Asia, the Middle East and Europe, evolving into the true horse, Equus caballus. Neil Clarkson. November 29, 2012. Why did horses die out in North America?

    How and when horses became domesticated is disputed. The clearest evidence of early use of the horse as a means of transport is from chariot burials dated c. 2000 BCE. However, an increasing amount of evidence supports the hypothesis that horses were domesticated in the Eurasian Steppes approximately 3500 BCE; recent discoveries in the context of the Botai culture suggest that Botai settlements in the Akmola Province of Kazakhstan are the location of the earliest domestication of the horse. (Domestication of the horse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

So, Shan Hai Jing is truthful about horses being in the Americas as far back as around 2205 BC. The use of horses in Sumeria would have to migrate from Kazakistan in south Siberia before their eventual diffusion into ancient India and China.


Timeline of the Sacred Pyramids: The Americas

Another evidence which would support the diffusion of cultural artefacts is the development of the ancient pyramids. A most fascinating man made structure is the pyramid.

  • Why ancients civilization built these massive monuments is one of the greatest mysteries archaeology has not been able to answer so far.... Mainstream scholar claim that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures around the globe were not interconnected, meaning that people from the Americas were not in direct contact with people from Africa, Europe or Asia. For some reason, all of these ancient cultures decided to build massive pyramids, and most of them are eerily similar. How can we explain this? (Ivan. 2020. Worldwide Pyramids: The Result of Atlantean architecture?

While the Egyptian pyramids have been variously dated to about 2700 BC or later [and Babylonian ziggurats about 2000 BC], the ancient pyramids elsewhere have controversial much older dates of constructions (Figure 2).

Figure 2. The Ancient Pyramids
Top. Left to Right: Ancient Brazilian pyramid 3000 BC, Caral pyramids in the arid Supe Valley, some 20 km from the Pacific coast 2700 BC Alaska (underground) older than Egypt's. 10000 to 12000 years ago Kola Peninsular , Russia 7000 BC and older
Bottom row. Left to Right: Gobi desert China pyramid 4000 BC Kazakhistan Siberia pyramid 4000 BC Step pyramid Djoser Egypt 2700 BC

We may discuss them as follows:

  • Brazil, 3000 BC, Santa Catarina. Archaeologists have discovered the world's oldest pyramids - on the Atlantic coast of southern Brazil. Like the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, the South American ones seem to have been built for religious purposes... But although the functions of the Brazilian and Egyptian pyramids were to some extent the same, there was certainly no contact between ancient Egypt and Brazil, and the concept of building pyramids was invented quite independently in both places. Dating from 3000 BC, the oldest of the Brazilian pyramids predate the earliest Egyptian example by several hundred years. .... (Independent. Tuesday 19 November 1996. World's oldest pyramids are discovered.

    Alaska (underground) older than Egypt's. 10000 to 12000 years ago "On August 10, Linda Moulton Howe first reported on a high strangeness finding in Alaska: an apparent buried pyramid about 50 miles from Mt. McKinley... The pyramid is larger than the Pyramid of Cheops and is completely buried...The object is apparently very old, both built and buried by unknown parties... As there are so many very ancient pyramids in the world, it can be conjectured that there may once have been an advanced power grid on Earth, constructed and also hidden in the very distant past." (bluebuttoncancdy. Oct 13, 2012 at 3:06am. Alaska Pyramid.


Timeline of the Sacred Pyramids: Central Asia

The ancient pyramids in Egypt are comparatively younger than other ancient pyramids found outside Egypt. Figure 3 illustrates the progressive development of the ancient pyramids from Brazil to Alaska and into Siberia and the Middle East. The pyramid technology spread from the Americas into Siberia and then into Egypt.

Figure 3. Diffusions of Megalith Pyramids vis the Americas and Asia

1 Brazil pyramid, south, Atlantic, 3000BC
1b Caral Pyramid Peru 2670 BC
2 Mayan pyramid, Mexico, 2500 BC
3 Alaska pyramid, Mt McKingley, age? (older than Egypt's) 8000 BC
4 Gobi, China, pyramids 4000 BC
5 Altai Mountains 10,000 BC
6 Kazakistan pyramid oldest, 1000 years before Egypt
7 Kadazhan. Horse first domesticated 3000 BC
8 DNA studies show Sumeria came from Siberia Turkmenistan
9 Egypt Djoser pyramid 2700 BC

Our research finally deciphered Shan Hai Jing as a text referring to the Americas. The Shan Hai Jing locates the ancient Chinese Xia dynasty and the early Shang dynasty in the Americas. Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war, is the Hindu Shiva and both of them demanded human sacrifices. Shan Hai Jing also mentions the legend of the "Churning of the Ocean" found in Hindu and Meso-Amerrican legends.

Shan Hai Jing's References to Pyramids
and Link to Ancestor Worship

In relations to the above findings, it should be noted that Shan Hai Jing notes several four sided edifices which indicate pyramid structures:

The Shan Hai Jing refers many times to ancestor hall worship. The four sides mountain pyramid structures in Shan Hai Jing were sites of Shan Hai Jing's ancestor worship. They were associated with elements of ancestor worship and animals motifs, such as the serpent makaras discussed in the previous article.

Such a huge complex would be built owing to some ancient central important purpose. These pyramids had roles as power structures in the religions of the ancient cultures, to foster the power of their rituals, whether including funerary rites or not.

  • Indeed it has long been assumed that the pyramids are the tombs of the kings of ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs. Yet there is no evidence that they ever held bodies, although some contain a sarcophagus. The alabaster sarcophagus in the tomb chamber of Sekjemket's pyramid was sealed, but empty. (Steuart Campbell 2015. New Humanist, December 1990, Vol. 106, No. 4. The origin and purpose of the Pyramids.

Another important feature of the pyramid worship was music and dance. Their characteristically square layouts were often aligned to star positions. They were homes of the gods and often associated with the sun.

As civilisations spread from Meso-America to Siberia and then the Middle East, the ruling classes established pyramids for their worship rituals. The older civilisations in the Meso-Americas would have the oldest pyramids. During the migration from the Meso-Americas, the younger civilisations would establish pyramids of new ages, the youngest being the Egyptian pyramids at 2700 BC and later. Of course, within the circle of each civilisation arising people would also establish newer pyramids.

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  • Ultimate Secrets of Feng Shui of Shan Hai Jing Dr Ong Hean-Tatt, Ph.D. 1st September 2015.

  • Introductory article about breakthrough into King Wen I Ching: see

  • Shan Hai Jing is a highly scientific text!


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