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The "Gods" Say Same Things in Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing
Dr Ong Hean Tatt, Ph.D. 25th April 2020.

The Copper Bells Rang

Astonishing discoveries are being made in our inspiring statistics based analytical research into the roots of ancient cultures and religions. We have managed to open the Akashic Stargate into the Divine Milky Way to tap the secrets of ancient sacred scriptures like those of Shan Hai Jing, King Wen I Ching, Vedas, Holy Bible, Middle East and Meso-America and elucidate their practical applicable meanings!

Clouds hovering around ancient scriptures are being removed! There is no other research like ours! Millennia old secrets finally broken!

During 2019, the secrets of King Wen I Ching, circa 1126 BC, were broken. The 64 hexagrams was found to be based, not on mathematical formulas, but on the sequence of events during fall of the Shang dynasty. Analysts were unable to crack King Wen I Ching because they had poor grasp of history of the Shang dynasty. Statistical comparisons also found that the 64 hexagrams of King Wen I Ching were based on Chapters 1 to 4 of Shan Hai Jing, circa 3rd millennium BC.

Shan Hai Jing is indeed foundation of the Chinese culture, for major parts of legends and philosophy of the ancient Chinese originated from Shan Hai Jing. King Wen I Ching itself originated from part of Shan Hai Jing.

Shan Hai Jing events revolved around battles of Yellow Emperor Huang Di against Chi You (Mountain Serpent). During the research, bells rang that these battles are rather similar to legends of the "battles of the king of the gods against the Dragon-Serpent". The author finally found statistical evidence that the contents of Rigveda Book 1 were the same as those of Shan Hai Jing!

  • Unveiled are secrets of two ancient documents, Shan Hai Jing and the other King Wen I Ching! The author had read through the four Samhitas of the Vedas. As a beginning into the Vedas, this exegesis presents inspired evaluations from Rigveda Book 1, which composes about 10.5% of the whole Vedas. Statistical comparisons are made, in order to derive more objective conclusions


Same Protagonists

(1) Shan Hai Jing narrates that Yellow Emperor Huang Di was aided by Ta Yu and Ying Lung, the later being a creature of Ta Yu. In the Rigveda Book 1, in the battles against Vritra the Dragon Serpent, Indra, king of the gods, was aided by Agni God of Fire.

(2) Ta Tu was founding emperor of the legendary Xia dynasty (2205 to 1700 BC). Ta Yu was also credited with founding of Feng Shui, the Chinese geomancy. Similarly, Agni is also the Hindu god of geomancy and the god of the house.

(3) Shan Hai Jing mentioned Hsi Wang Mu (West Queen Mother). Hsi Wang Mu sent the Goddess of the Nine Heavens to give Huang Di secrets to defeat Chi You. Similarly, Rigveda Book 1 credited the divine energies empowering Indra as coming from Saravasti, Goddess of Knowledge and Music. Hsi Wang Mu is also the patron and protector of dancing girls.

Sarasvati is associated with the swan and peacock. Hsi Wang Mu is associated with the tiger and also the birds of red phoenix, white crane, three huge 20 feet green birds.

Gods and demons sided either side and even changed sides. Both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1 revolve around the same major protagonists.

.......... ..........

Above: Left: Huang Di, Middle:Ta Yu Right: Chi You
Below: Left: Indra (Huang Di), Middle: Agni (Ta Yu) Right: Indra (Huang Di) kills Vritra (Chi You)

.......... ..........

Singing prayers boost the power of goodness over evil


Decisive Roles of the Power Songs

(4) Rigveda Book 1 frequently describes powerful songs used by Indra and his devas. The ancient Vedic legends narrate that, during the battles, the asuras under Vritra initially won battles against Indra and his devas. Finally, Indra and the devas were given the sacred songs, which turned the tide against Vritra:

  • Prajapati created the gods and the Asuras; thereafter the sacrifice was created, after the sacrifice the metres; they went away in all directions, the sacrifice went after the Asuras, the metres after the sacrifice; the gods reflected, 'These have become what we are'; they had recourse to Prajapati… Prajapati said, 'Taking the strength of the metres I shall bestow it upon you.' He took the strength of the metres and bestowed it upon them. Then the metres ran away, and the sacrifice followed the metres.
    Then the gods prospered, the Asuras were defeated. He who knows the strength of the metres--'Do thou proclaim', 'Be it proclaimed', 'Utter', 'We that utter', the Vasat call--prospers himself, his foe is defeated.. (Yajurveda Book III. 3.7)

Shan Hai Jing also describes the "9 Sings" which seem to give power to Huang Di:

  • Shan Hai Jing 16.45: Outside southwest sea, Chi Shui (Red Water) , Drifting Sands west, have person jade-earrings 2 green snakes, rides 2 dragons, name called Xia Huo Kai (Summer Later Open), Kai up 3 imperial concubines go heaven, obtain 9 debates and 9 songs below. This Tian Mu (Heaven Grave-mound) open space high 2,000 ren (16,000 feet). Kai where open start sing 9 summons.

(5) These power songs or mantras were sang during worship sacrifices. Rigveda Book 1 describes homages paid to the "Dawn". For the worship sacrifices with the power songs were launched during the Dawn, i.e. the Brahmamuhurta period. Shan Hai Jing also indicates that Huang Di made worship rituals during the dawn:

  • Shan Hai Jing 5.50: Also east 50 li, called Zhao Ge (Morning Song) Mountain, valley nice chalk
    5.146: Also again northeast 150 li, called Zhao Ge (Morning Song) Mountain, Wu (river in Henan) Water goes out here, southeast flow enters glory. Middle much human fish, up much Catalpa cedar (redwood), more Ling gazelle -antelope] moose. Have grasses here, name called Mang Cao (Anise Grass), can poison fish.

    Shan Hai Jing. 9.7: At Sunrise Valley is a god named Tianwu. He is known as Lord of the Waters and dwells north of the Honghong-Rainbow on land in between two rivers. Tianwu is a beast with eight heads with human faces, eight feet, and eight tails. His back is green and yellow.
    HM. 9.7. The god of the Valley of the Manifestation of the Dawn (CHAO-YANG) is called TIEN-WU. He is the god of the water. He dwells north of HUNG-HUNG,B2.200 between two bodies of water. When he appears as a wild animal he has eight heads with human faces, eight legs, and eight tails, and is all green and yellow.

(6) Chinese legends note that Chi You created storms and darkness to battle Huang Di's army. Rigveda Book 1 also indicates Vritra similarly used storms:

  • HYMN XXXII. Indra. 13 Nothing availed him lightning, nothing thunder, hailstorm or mist which had spread around him:
    When Indra and the Dragon strove in battle, Maghavan gained the victory for ever.

Bottom.28 Lunar Mansions. Both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1 refer to only one lunar mansion the same one as 16 Luo (Bond)!


The 10-Days Human Sacrifices

(7) Remarkably, both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1 refer to human sacrifices which last 10 days:

The Lunar Mansion of Luo

Both Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing refer to many similar Time indices, like the seasons, 12 months, the 28 lunar mansions.

(8) What is remarkable is that both Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing mentioned the name of only one of the 28 lunar mansions. (9) Astonishingly, this lunar mansion is the same for both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1!

  • HYMN LXXXIV. Indra
    15 Then verily they recognized the essential form of Tvastar's Bull, Here in the mansion of the Moon

    Shan Hai Jing 5.63: Also west 310 li, called Luo Zhou (Luo=one of 28 LC, Zhou=name of place) Mountain, no grasses or trees, much metal jade, Zhan (View) Water goes out at south, eastward flow pours into Luo, Bei (Pond) Water goes out at north, northward flow pours out into Gu (Grain) Water, its middle (area) much Zi (stoneseed) stone, patterned Stones

The Vedic lunar mansion period of "Tvastar's Bull" is April 19 – May 20. The lunar mansion period for Luo (Bond) is 22 April - 4 May. That is, both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1 are referring to the same lunar mansion!

Table 1
Geomancy Correspondences between Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing

  • Feng Shui. Both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda note that sacrifices must be carried out in auspicious locations, where flowing waters must be present

    In defeating Chi You, Ta Yu broke the dams and released the waters. Similarly, Indra broke the forts to release water to foster auspicious sites downstream

    During the sacrifices, there would be "seating on the sacred grass"

    Festival Rituals. Access to the "Divine Songs" by both the devas and Huang Di led to victory over the "demonic" enemies

    The intoxicating drink called "Soma" in Rigveda Book 1 and "Mi Gu" (Bewildering Grain" in Shan Hai Jing

    The Rigveda "meath" is an intoxicating drink spiked by spices like cinnamon. Cinnamon is mentioned as a herb in Shan Hai Jing.

    Both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1 refer to the "Gu poison", an insect based poison.

    Divine Astrology. Both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1 refer to the "evil day" as Summer Solstice.

    Worship ritual carried out during the "Brahmamuhurta" hour in both Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing

    Jupiter or Tai Sui as the Time Regulator

    Another Time Factor is the 12 Moons

    Frequent mentions of "Sun" and "Moon"

    Four Seasons in both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1

    Both Shan Hai Jing and Rigveda Book 1 note only one Lunar Mansion

    Shan Hai Jing refers to Lunar Mansion of "Lou", which happens to be the same Vedic Lunar Constellation of "HYMN LXXXIV. Indra 15 ... the essential form of Tvastar's Bull, Here in the mansion of the Moon."

    Others. Chu Long, Fire God in Shan Hai Jing, would be Agni, Vedic God of Fire

    "Three Headed Being" in Shan Hai Jing was three headed Vishnu

The contents and themes of both Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing are astonishingly the same!

Note to Christians

Indra of the Vedas and Yellow Emperor Huang Di of Shan Hai Jing are known as "Melchisedek, king of Salem" in the Holy Bible. Agni of the Vedas and Ta Yu of Shan Hai Jing are known as "Abraham" in the Holy Bible. Vritra the Serpent and Chi You the Mountain Serpent are known as "Nimrod the Serpent" of the Holy Bible.

Melchisedek and Abraham had instituted the holy "Melchisedek priesthood" which was temporarily replaced by the outdated Levitical priesthood. Almost all modern Christians are not following the "Melchisedec priesthood" but are actually folllowing a modified Levitical priesthood. The Lord Jesus Christ proclaims that his kingship priesthood is that of the "Mechisedec priesthood" and urges Christians to wake up.

The "Melchisedec priesthood" is the same as the religion brought in by Indra and Yellow Emperor Huang Di! It is a prayerful "Cognitive Contemplative" meditative faith which requires the infusion of divine energy which the Holy Bible terms the "Holy Spirit".



Above are all about events revolving around the battles of Yellow Emperor against Chi You or Indra against Vritra, and there are 8-9 comparisons. Other overlapping correspondences are indicated in the Table 1 above. The author found at least 19 correspondences between Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing. These statistics reveal a significance of one in 524,288, a probability of 0.00000019! The breakthrough finding is that contents of Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing are the same!

Both ancient Hindu and Chinese cultures have the same holy roots! Their gods and rituals were the same, called by different terms. The fight between "Good and Evil" can be mastered by comparing Rigveda Book 1 and Shan Hai Jing.

Even as the author has been divinely inspired about the meanings of King Wen I Ching and Shan Hai Jing, he has similarly penetrated secrets of the Vedas! All these ancient cultures and religions, including those of the Holy Bible, are the same worship systems to the One God. They all contain the same universal practical applications for all. These research emphasises the significant Universalism of all ancient religions.

Write to us! May the blessings of God be with us all! Amen.

  • See articles below for research findings of the correspondences between lores of the ancient Chinese, Meso-America and Hindus.

Accessing the Divine Cosmos to unveil the secrets of God:

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    Note: In the past a few enlightened persons have attempted to show the Universalism of the ancient faiths. We are proud to acknowledge them and join their efforts!

  • Ancient texts like Shan Hai Jing, King Wen I Ching, Vedas are highly scientific texts!


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