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Breakthrough "Lectio Divinia" Finding
Deciphering Who was the "0 Fool" of Tarot
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Dr Ong Hean-Tatt. April 2024.

Tarot is Wholly About the "0 Fool".

If you can decipher who is the "0 Fool" of Tarot, you can solve the mystery of the Tarot and have a much better mindset as to how to play the Tarot cards.

The "0 Fool" is the first card of the modern Rider-Waite deck. Various analysts have regarded that the whole of the Tarot is about this "0 Fool":

    The really important feature of this card is that its number should be 0. It represents therefore the Negative above the Tree of Life, the source of all things. It is explained in this essay (see 16, 34, et al.) that the whole of the Tarot is based upon the Tree of Life , and that the Tree of Life is always cognate with Tetragrammaton. .. Here p.55 then is the foundation of the legend of the Wandering Prince---and, note well, he is always "the fool of the family". The connection between foolishness and holiness is traditional. THE BOOK OF THOTH (Egyptian Tarot) by Aleister Crowley 1904, p.28, 29. 30

One Factor Which Blinds Meanings of Tarot .

A major reason why most failed to grasp the real meanings of the Tarot is that the "0 Fool" has been depicted as a stupid person.

    This point about the crocodile is very important, because many of the traditional forms of "The Fool" of the Tarot show the crocodile definitely. In the commonplace interpretation of the card, the Scholiasts say that the picture is that of a gay, careless youth, with a sack full of follies and illusions. , dancing along the edge of a pre cipice, unaware that the tiger and crocodile shown in the card are about to attack him. It is the view of the Little Bethel. But, to initiates, this crocodile helps to determine the spiritual meaning of the card as the return to the original Qabalistic zero; it is the "He' final" process in the magical formula of Tetragrammaton. By a flick of the wrist, she can be transmuted to reappear as the original Yod, and repeat the whole process from the beginning. THE BOOK OF THOTH (Egyptian Tarot) by Aleister Crowley 1904, p.38.

Bottom: Preliminary objective first-level association of Major Arcana with I Jing Hexagrams

Conventional people see Tarot as a playing divination game. But the true deepest meaning of Tarot is that it reflects the ancient understand of the sequence of spiritual Divine development of the Immortal Self. Tarot is part of the Meditation and Yoga process.


"0 Fool" is No Fool

The "0 Fool" is actually a very wise person!

    "Silly" means empty-the Vacuum of Air-Zero-"the silly buckets on the deck". And the word is from the German selig, holy, blessed. It is the innocence of the Fool which most strongly characterizes him. It will be seen later how important is this feature of the story. THE BOOK OF THOTH (Egyptian Tarot) by Aleister Crowley 1904, p.7, 16, 21, 28-30

    Crowley carried over this symbol from earlier decks, identifying the crocodile as a dual symbol of the Egyptian Sobek,. who created the world when he rose out of the primordial waters, and Mako, a symbol of death and destruction (the Egyptians were mortally afraid of them, as they used to come near to places of habitation during the Inundation) "The word 'Messiah' comes from the Hebrew verb 'to anoint', which itself is derived from the Egyptian word messeh, 'the holy crocodile'.. It was with the fat of the messeh that the Pharaoh's sister-brides anointed their husbands on marriage." Alligator/Croc in the Fool.

Mystery of "Green Man".

In the Aleister Crowley Tarot deck, the "0 Fool" card shows a "Green Man":

    ORION the Celestial Hunter … the Fool is an eternal wanderer … constantly compared to a Fool and the well known Green Man. Christin Medium. 2024. ORION - The Hunter and

This :Green Man" has been associated with Orion an Odin.. and the "Green Knght" of Arthurian legends. But why "green"?

    The Greene Knight. His true name is revealed to be Bertilak de Hautdesert (spelled in some translations as "Bercilak" or "Bernlak") in Sir Gawain, while The Greene Knight names him "Bredbeddle"… In Sir Gawain, the Green Knight is so called because his skin and clothes are green. The meaning of his greenness has puzzled scholars. Some identify him as the Green Man, a vegetation being of medieval art;[3] others as a recollection of a figure from Celtic mythology; a Christian "pagan" symbol – the personified Devil. The medievalist C. S. Lewis said the character was "as vivid and concrete as any image in literature." Scholar J. A. Burrow called him the "most difficult character" to interpret…. Green Knight. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



It is very sad to find that so-called scholars failed to study the contexts but would lift passages out of contexts.
Pretentious "masters" arise through the ages - you need to check them against the ancient BC sacred Yoga scriptures. AD dated texts tend to be fakes.

"Green Man" of "0 Fool"

Astonishing Identity of the "Green Man"

The "0 Fool" has been identified as Orion, Odin and also Vishnu. It is the "Green Man" who mystifies them.

    some incredible connections between the Fool (Le MAT) and ORION the Celestial Hunter … the Fool is an eternal wanderer … constantly compared to a Fool and the well known Green Man. Christin Medium. 2024. ORION - The Hunter and the Fool.

    To the Hindu, the stars the Greek called Orion were Kaalpurush, a representation of the god Vishnu. Vishnu was one of the three primary gods responsible for the creation, preservation, and destruction of the world. (The other two gods were Brahma and Shiva.) Vishnu, appropriately enough, was the preserver and protector of the universe. Karrie Berglund. 2018-09-25. Multicultural Astronomy.

    Many people view the Major Arcana as a story called The Fool's Journey . As you will see, this is easily applied as a description of Odin's journey through the Norse myths. .. Tarot for Rune Lovers – The Fool/ September 23, 2021September 17, 2021 by Perseus Greenman.

If people have good wide knowledge of the ancient cultures, they would have been able to decipher who was the "Green Man". So, who was this "Green Man?

The "Green Man" was Vishnu! Vishnu had green color skin! . Ha ha.


"Green Man" of Tarot is Hindu god Vishnu!

The remarkable analysis through this series of articles on the Tarot show that the Tarot was created around 2000 BC by a group of very holy people who were likely close relatives:

    Those implicated by the Tarot traditions are Orion, Odin dubbed as the "Green Man",

    The Green Man of "0 Fool" was also Vishnu the "Green God"

    The Egyptian traditions named Thoth, the bird headed god

    Then the Kaballic traditions indicate the Biblical patriarch Abraham. Abraham might have learnt from Melchisedek and his reputed cousin Thoth.

The 22 Major Arcana of Tarot and the Hebrew 22 alphabets have the same meanings.


Those involved in the creation of the alphabets and the Tarot include Orion, Odin, Thoth, Vishnu's wife ... and Abraham and Melchisedek. Those who say these are demonic are in danger of the "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit"!


I have read the Holy Bible at least ten times and had made concordance of the major topics. I have read the Quran at least 4 times, the Hindu Vedas twice and many times many Buddhist scriptures.

Critics shoudl back their opinions with holy scriptures. Otherwise, let them keep their mouths shut!

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