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Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras Atma Meditation

Course fee: US$1,500

Finally unveiled: True Yoga originating from dawn of human civilisations.
Dr Ong Hean-Tatt Ph.D. The Hanlin Strategist
Most in-depth exposition and Work of Love of God!
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Breakthrough "Lectio Divinia" Finding
Scientific Correlations of 28 Lunar Constellations with I Jing Hexagrams and Tarot Major Arcana
In-depth scholarly research, comprehensive and very practical
Dr Ong Hean-Tatt. February 2024.

Major Scientific Breakthrough into how Tarot works.

Our research group achieved a major breakthrough in determining scientifically that the Chinese unequal 28 Lunar Constellations track the 28 unequal divisions of solar radiation from the heterogeneous surface of the Sun. That is, the geomancy astrology of the Chinese 28 Lunar Constellations is not bunkum but highly scientific and astronomical!

Many tried to understand the logical basis of both I Jing 64 hexagrams and Tarot 22 Major Arcana. There are some attempts to merge the 64 hexagrams with the Tarot Major and Minor Arcanas.

  • We will not be concerned with many "I Jing Tarot cards" which are just 64 hexagrams cards trying to use Tarot rules for shuffling and interpretations.

Continuing our momentous scientific research, our research group has found that the 64 hexagrams of King Wen I Jing statistically correlate with sequence of the 28 Lunar Constellations. No doubt that the flow of hexagrams reflects sequential flow of the 28 Lunar Constellations, and in turn, annual fluctuations of solar radiation. We teach our students that the 32 pairs of hexagrams of the I Jing track the seasonal effects of the fluctuating solar radiations on human development.

  • In 15th century, Tarot composed of Minor Arcana and 22 trump cards of Major Arcana. It has been known for some time that the Taropt Minor Arcana of four suits have origins from the Chinese Han dynasty (circa 250 BC) playing cards, typically 3 suits if 9 cards. The use of Tarot for fortune telling only arose in the 18th century.

64 Hexagrams Correlate with Major Arcana.

What our research found is that the 22 Major Arcana significantly correlate with 28 Lunar Constellations. Then came the astonishing analysis, which shows that sequence of 22 Major Arcana correlates with sequence of the 64 hexagrams of King Wen I Jing!

Bottom: Preliminary objective first-level association of Major Arcana with I Jing Hexagrams

Conventional people see Tarot as a playing divination game. But the true deepest meaning of Tarot is that it reflects the ancient understand of the sequence of spiritual Divine development of the Immortal Self. Tarot is part of the Meditation and Yoga process.


  • We have thus found an objective scientific basis to link 22 Major Arcana with 64 hexagrams! This is because they all originate from the 28 heterogeneous divisions of Sun's surface and solar radiations.

It is all Very Scientific!

The Chinese 28 Lunar Constellations, 64 hexagrams of I Jing, and 22 Major Arcana of Tarot are all ancient astrology systems similarly tracking the seasonal effects of solar radiation on human biology and development. These astrology are advance "cosmos-biology".

Skeptics are very far behind in scientific understanding of astrology

Cyclic Seasonal Flow of Bio-Energies.

Hexagrams 63 and 64 form the last pair in King Wen I Jing. They do not signal the end, for the next step is a return to the first pair of Hexagrams 1 and 2. That is, the 32 pairs of hexagrams form a cyclic pattern, naturally following the cyclic pattern of the seasonal fluctuations of solar radiation.

Tarot has an ill-understood rotation pattern. Our research has found the solution, for all these astrology systems have cyclic rotational patterns reflecting the cyclic seasonal flow of solar radiation.

Danger in "Om" Chanting

"An", 3000 BC Sumerian word for God from which "Om" [800 BC] is derived

Few realise that Bhagavad Gita has two names for the Supreme Being, vis the familiar "Om" and the other being "A"! This is actually the same as the Holy Bible calling God "Alpha and Omega".
Learn why God's name is ""A"-"Om"

When name of God is chanted, you must understand what the names mean, especially "Om"! Otherwise, your Meditation and Yoga will be weak

Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras Atma Meditation

Course fee: US$1,500

Course Outline provisional,

  • Session 1 True Meaning of "Yoga".
    Ancient cultures possessed knowledge of Atma Meditation vis Patanjalis Yogasutras, Diamond Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and Book of Proverbs.
    Learn Meditation from Lord Buddha in Diamond Sutra and Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. Don't listen to hearsay.
    Timeline of Meditation and Yoga practices. Current Hatha, Kriya Kundalini are from asceticism and are not parts of true Yoga.

    Comprehensive Meditation and Yoga Tripartite Format of 4 Padas
    the complete 3-Phases Karma-Dyana-Bhakti Yoga Process
    Sessions 2 to 5
    Session 2 Patanjali's YogaSutras Pada 1
    Initial Pre-requisite: Self Realisation that you are "Immortal Self"
    Purpose: Transformation into "New Being"
    Key obstacle to Meditation and Ypga is greed (selfishness)

    Session 3 Patanjali's YogaSutras Pada 2
    Bhagavad Gita's "Karma or Kriya Action Yoga".
    Initial meditation must look at world and focus upon its major issues it is wrong to withdraw from world. "Empty Mind", "Silent Meditation" "Soonya [Void] Meditation" are fakes.
    Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita warn must understand and apply sacred scriptures. Those cannot understand scriptures have low meditation

    Session 4 Patanjali's YogaSutras Pada 3
    Bhagavad Gita "Dyana Wisdom Yoga".
    Once you categorise the good and bad in Karma Yoga you move next to apply wisdom to find out how to solve the problems.

    Session 5 Patanjali's YogaSutras Pada 4
    Bhagavad Gita's "Bhakti Love Yoga".
    Recognise features of the Love based "Re-Union with God"

    Session 6: Practical 'Supernatural" "Siddhi Powers"
    Two Major Groups of "Siddhi Powers" [psychic & Divine]
    Distribution related to "Akashi Records" in the Milky Way system

    Session 7: Truth about "Om" Power Chanting
    Controversies original name of God is not "Om" but Sumerian "An"
    Original vocalisation of "Om" was "O" not "AUM". Bhagavad Gita named God as "Om" and "A", same as the Biblical "Alpha and Omega"
    Understanding of chanting required do not just chant aimlessly
    What you do not know here can destroy you!

    Session 8: Restoration of Potent Spiritual Meanings of Ashtangas
    8 Ashtangas are all spiritual and parts have been wrongly applied to physical exercises, breathing and mudras.
    What really are asana, pranayama and pratyahara?
    8 Ashtangas are codes of the universal supreme set of worship rituals.
    8-Points Cross is enigmatic key to Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali's Yogasutras & Diamond Sutra understand the potent applications!.



It is very sad to find that so-called scholars failed to study the contexts but would lift passages out of contexts.

Pretentious "masters" arise through the ages - you need to check them against the ancient BC sacred Yoga scriptures. AD dated texts tend to be fakes.

  • For Online Students:
    The Course will be in two Parts, vis below:
    Course Fees = US$1500

Part 1. The Course has two main batches of materials. The first composes of the 8 Sessions outlined earlier will be sent at 2 lessons per batch, covering 4 batches, at approximately 2 weeks between batches.

Part 2. The second batch composes of Supplementary Self Study E-Notes: Notes provide very advance scriptural and historical insights into Meditation and Yoga and will guide you into a more practical correct Meditation and Yoga. Students study material their own pace and can ask questions [within 3 months].
If Part 2 is taken as within a 4 days course, the fees will be US$2500

    List of Provisional Topics:

    5 Are Asanas Physical Exercises?
    6 Spiritual Purposes of Asanas
    8 Understand Meanings of Chanting
    10. Myth of Pratyahara as "Empty Your Mind".

    • Patanjali's "Ashtangas" are spiritual. In-depth scholar research analysis from sacred Yoga scriptures of the real spiritual activities meant by "asana", "pranayama" and "pratyahara". Original Meditation and Yoga texts, as noticed by Hindu scholars, never include physical and breathing exercises and mudras. These have been wrongly interpreted to mean physical exercises, breathings, mudras and "Empty Your Mind", "Silent Soonya [Void] Meditation". What you do not know can kill your Meditation and Yoga spiritual life!

    9. Meanings of Saptarishis in Yoga
    7 Who is Your Teacher?
    15 Myth of the AdiYogi
    12 Bhagavad Gita's Yoga

    • Bhagavad Gita is oldest Yoga scriptures and show that original Yoga founders were devotees of Vishnu not Shiva. Most do not realise that Vishnu was youngest brother of Indra. Shiva was a servant of Vishnu and, being a Dravidian, Shiva was never part of the Aryan race who compiled the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. Get the proper "Teacher"!


Free Complimentary in-depth scholarly books to promote True Meditation and Yoga In-depth authoritative exegesis on issues connected with "Purpose of Life" and "Meditation Yoga"

  • Learn from sacred scriptures and not from hearsay,


278p Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
Recovery of the magnificent Meditation and Yoga once known in all ancient cultures. Statistical proofs that Patanjali's Yogasutras originated from Diamond Sutra.

Manual available only for part of Course Manual

393 p. Diamond Sutra
Two great sages left behind their experiences with Divine Meditation and Yoga. One was Lord Krishna who left his Yoga in Bhagavad Gita, oldest Yoga text. The other was Buddha who recorded His 49 Days Enlightenment in "Diamond Sutra. Buddha called Diamond Sutra "Yoga of perfect quiescence".

free on request

228 p. What is the Purpose of Life
Scriptural evidence that all ancient cultures stated that you are an "Immortal Self" who was, is and ever to be. You came into this world not to get an immortality which you already have! You were perfect before you came into this world. So what are you doing in the world of sins and sufferings?

free on request


  • All ancient scriptures,e.g. Bible, Vedas, Buddhism, Confucianism, say that "You are Immortal" originating from God. You came into this world to produce something which never exists before. What you will produce through your experience on earth will be either a grand or toy piano level!

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